God’s design for children is to grow up in permanent, loving families.With 150 million orphans worldwide and 155,000 children available for adoption the US foster care system, the need is great! Adoption is a beautiful and imperative response to this need. At Called to Care, we remain committed to helping reduce the greatest barrier to adoption, necessary finances, through our adoption grants. Because additional fears and concerns may linger, we also help families explore their calling to adopt through education and grants.

Called to Care has provided over $8500 in adoption grants to Christian families since 2016.  Our goal for 2020 is to increase our efforts to educate church families about the need for forever families.

We will do this by hosting eight Adoption 101 information meetings throughout the region.  We also hope to award more than $5000 in Adoption Grants to local families in 2020. 

Adoption 101 is a 90-minute seminar that offers an overview of various types of adoption, such as international adoption, domestic infant adoption, special needs adoption, legal risk adoption, and waiting child adoption. Our lead teacher provides adoption information, while our guest speakers share their personal experience of adoption. The speakers are available after the session to connect one-on-one with interested attendees to answer questions and share more details of their stories.

Details on the Adoption 101 meetings to come.

Thank you for considering a donation to Called to Care.  Your tax deductible contribution will go directly to children or families caring for children in need.


If you would like to donate your time or resources, please send us a note.