One of Called to Care’s core strategies is to prevent family breakdown by keeping children out of the foster care system.  When the state intervenes, we, as the church, strive to positively impact the life of a child by offering love, support, and a family.  Additionally, we offer help to children transitioning into their forever family whether that is through reunification or adoption.  We are able to serve each of these areas through our Resource Centers, Clothing Closets, and Journey Bag Programs throughout the region.

These physical needs help in stabilizing the environment of children and their caregivers until we can assess and attempt to meet their spiritual needs.

Thank you for considering a donation to Called to Care.  Your tax deductible contribution will go directly to children or families caring for children in need.


If you would like to donate your time or resources, please send us a note.


The road to fostering can seem daunting at times. Yet, each step ensures that children from backgrounds of loss or trauma are placed in homes with well-informed, caring parents who have committed to providing a nurturing environment unique to the concerns of fostering. With this in mind, Called to Care periodically offers educational and training events.

Called to Care seeks to help families begin fostering within the context of a church ministry.  These families may consider one of our agency partners (CPAs):

Steps to becoming a foster parent in the state of Georgia: (This is not a definitive list.  Each state will have differing requirements.)

  • Attend a Foster Care Info Session led by either DFCS or CPA

  • Submit initial paperwork to DFCS or CPA

  • Complete first home visit by DFCS or CPA

  • Approved to move forward with IMPACT Training hosted by DFCS or CPA

  • Attend an IMPACT Training

  • Complete second home visit (could be during or just after IMPACT Training completion)

  • Turn in all IMPACT Training paperwork to DFCS or CPA

  • Complete third home visit

  • Approved (licensure) by DFCS or CPA

  • Receive first placement


Additional Requirements Before Approval:

  • Infant/child/adult CPR & First Aid certification

  • Up-to-date physicals for entire household

  • Septic and water inspections

  • Drug testing for household members age 18 and above

  • All children in the home must have up-to-date vaccinations

  • Pet information (if applicable)


Additional Requirements After Approval:

Continuing Education Requirements – 15 hours or more per person annually